5 Musts for your first bridal appointment!

5 Musts for your first bridal appointment!

Are congratulations in order? If so, congrats!!

Shopping for a wedding dress is exciting, but can also be oh so stressful. Before you book that first try-on appointment, it's important to think of what you should bring with you and what you should leave at home. To make things a little more stress-free, we’ve compiled a list of things to bring with you when you go wedding dress shopping!

1. Shapewear! 

Bringing several options of shapewear and underwear will allow you to try on a range of different gowns without worrying about anything showing, sticking out or creating lumps and clumps. Bring what you think you’d like to wear under your official wedding gown. This will also ease your conscience when it comes to comfort and potential sweat stains!

2. Hair ties

These are important for 2 reasons. First, since you'll likely be moving around a lot, trying on many different gowns, you'll want to have a hair-tie nearby so you can throw your hair up while you're changing. More importantly, wedding dress shopping is the perfect opportunity to try out different hairstyles. This will help you visualize your final look on your special day! 

3. Your bride tribe

Bring those whose opinions truly matter. You get the last say of course, but it’s nice to have your close ones with you cheering you on, helping you select your perfect gown. Keep in mind, bringing people who you feel encourage and support you is more important than bringing those you feel obliged to invite. This is your day, make sure you’ve got the best cheerleaders by your side. 

4. Hydration

It’s a workout! Choosing the perfect wedding dress takes time, patience and effort! Bring your favourite water bottle with you to your try-on appointment and make sure you stay hydrated. Finding THE dress takes work, but it’s so much fun.

Last, but not least, an open mind free of judgment

Allow your dress to find you! Very often, the initial mental picture of the perfect dress you have when you first start shopping turns out not to be your final pick. Go with your gut and allow yourself to try on a range of different styles. After all, the best things happen when we least expect them!  

Well there you have it. Now, you’re one step closer to fully enjoying such an exciting time of your life! Oh, and bonus points if you think ahead and bring a champagne bottle with you to your appointment. Let’s toast to that perfect dress!

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