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Country Wedding Dresses

Rustic designs perfect for outdoor settings. Enhance the look with Veils, Belts & Garters. Ideal for the Flower Girls in a Bohemian-inspired wedding.. Country weddings have a certain romantic cache that other venues – while still charming and beautiful – don’t quite have. There’s just something so lovely about a ceremony set amongst wildflowers, and receptions held in rustic barns that sings to our romantic hearts. If you are planning a country wedding, there are a few practicalities to consider, but also, you’ll want to find a wedding dress that matches the rustic-chic nature of your venue. 

What Makes a Rustic Chic Wedding Dress?

Country wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes. They often lean towards the bohemian or ethereal wedding dress style, but are hardly limited in that way. If you are more of a modern bride in a country setting, you could opt for something more minimalist in a light and breezy natural fabric like cotton, linen, or even silk! 

How do I style My Country Wedding Dress?

How you style your country wedding dress all depends on just how country you want to be! Some rustic brides pair their wedding dresses with some cowboy boots, in which case it can be nice to look for off the shoulder necklines or delicate flutter sleeves to add a touch of femininity and softness to your look.

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When it comes to accessorizing, let yourself be inspired by the nature all around you. Floral crowns, wildflower bouquets, and even flowers in your hair are beautiful tokens of appreciation for the setting in which you’ll share your vows, and they make for beautiful sunset photographs, too. 

Whether you’re on a ranch in the mountains, an open field in the prairies, or your uncle Jim’s barn down the road, you get to decide how much you want to turn up the dial on the country flare. Be it full on cowboy hats and boots or something more delicate and understated, your Ma Chérie Bleue stylist will be more than happy to help, ma’am.