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Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girls: Adorable selections perfect for a Country Bride or Bohemian-inspired wedding. Not every wedding has a flower girl, but if yours does, choosing a dress that matches your wedding theme but also allows them to feel free to be a kid and run around and play is yet another big choice. It’s up to you who picks out the flower girl dress, some brides choose it themselves while others consult the flower girl and her parents. As with all your big wedding look choices, Ma Chérie Bleue’s team of stylists are here to help. 

Style and Fabric

Most flower girls are between the ages of three and eight, so it’s helpful to pick a fabric and style that feels light and free. You can choose to coordinate your flower girl’s dress with your bridesmaid dresses and colour scheme, or you could dress her in something that looks a little more like yours in a shade of white, maybe adding a pop of colour with a sash. 

Flower Girl Accessories

The flower girl is usually the last member of the bridal party to walk down the aisle, right before you! Her job – so to speak – is to spread flower petals on the ground before the bride, but some flower girls simply hold a bouquet instead. If your bouquet or basket of petals is colourful, you can allow that to be the accessory and keep the dress a simple tone and style. 

Traditionally, there is only one flower girl at a wedding, but depending on her age, or the layout of your family tree, you may select more than one or even have an adult accompany your flower girl down the aisle. 

Price & Etiquette

Many people ask if the bride should pay for the flower girl dress. Much like with your bridesmaid dresses, your flower girl’s dress can be paid for by the flower girl’s parents or you can choose to offer it as a gift. Speak to the parents about it and as always, let your Ma Chérie Bleue stylist know if there is a specific budget or colour palette you are hoping to work within. 

As to when you should buy your flower girl dress, we always suggest giving yourself as much lead time as possible. Six months is ideal to account for shipping, delivery, and tailoring.

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