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Modern wedding dresses

Modern Wedding Dresses for the Contemporary Bride

For the bride who loves cutting-edge fashion. Pairs perfectly with our Modern Jewelry & Headpieces. Ideal dresses for guests attending Modern & Contemporary or Dramatic & Sexy weddings.- While laid back bohemian dresses or timeless cathedral dresses appeal to some, for the more contemporary bride, clean, simple, minimalist designs offering more structure are the name of the game. While modern dresses tend to be simple in design, there are still lots of different styles and options to choose from. Your wedding is unique, as are you, so your Ma Chérie Bleue Wedding dresses stylist will work with you to determine what styles, cuts, designs, flourishes, and details will be best suited to your big day. Be ready to walk down the aisle feeling chic, elegant, and glamorous in a modern wedding dress. 

What is a Contemporary Bride?

Modern bridal gowns tend to be sleek with curve hugging silhouettes, more understated designs, and dramatic details like sharp angles and clean lines. They tend to make really elegant dresses for venues like museums, city rooftops, and garden ceremonies. While some brides look to the past for a more vintage inspired look, others have one foot firmly planted in the future. Modern brides tend to be ahead of the trends so our collection of contemporary wedding dresses is constantly evolving. 

How do you make a simple wedding dress stand out?

Modern wedding dresses are all about clean lines. Because of their simplicity, more contemporary wedding dresses are perfectly suited to accessories with a little more flare. Fringe and bling are the modern bride’s friend. Modern, simple minimalist, or contemporary gowns are elevated by big sparkly earrings, opalescent pearls, chunky necklaces or bracelets, and embellished clutch bags to name a few. 

To ensure the look is complete and cohesive from top to bottom, look for shoes that will add a touch of glamour to your minimalist gown, and consider a bridal headpiece of headband to add a final touch of sparkle to your simple wedding dress.

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