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Two Piece Wedding Dresses and Bridal Separates

Mix and match with our elegant wedding separates. Perfect for the Whimsical & Ethereal Bride looking for versatility . Your wedding ensemble is one of the most important choices you’ll make when it comes to your wedding day. We understand how important every single detail of your outfit really is, no matter what style of gown or dress alternative you end up saying yes to. Bridal separates or two piece wedding dresses allow you to build your own look and choose your own adventures. Mix and match tops and bottoms from different styles to create hybrid styles, or to create layers that allow your look to shift and evolve as the night goes on. 

Advantages of Bridal Separates

Just because weddings are one time affairs, doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. Bridal separates allow you to mix and match items that could potentially be worn again styled differently. Not only does that increase the cost per wear value of your investment, but it also serves a sustainability purpose in ensuring the garment will be worn more than once. Another advantage of going with separates is that you can add or shed layers as you shift from ceremony to dance floor to after party for a truly versatile bridal adventure. 

Examples of Two Piece Wedding Dresses

You could match a multi-layered tulle skirt with a fitted lace bodysuit to create a beautiful hybrid bohemian, romantic, whimsical wedding dress. Alternatively, you could go with a simple, minimalist more modern gown and pair it with a wedding jacket or capelet to create a whole different look. You could add a long sleeve to your two piece wedding dress or really let your mind run free dreaming up what you can wear with a wedding skirt. 

As always, our stylists are here to help and will happily assist you in creating a look as beautiful and unique as you are for your wedding day. 

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