Collection: Unconventional & Alternative Bride

Non-Traditional, Alternative and Unconventional Wedding Dresses

Stand out with unique designs. Ideal with our Dramatic & Sexy Bride accessories. A beautiful alternative to traditional styles for guests attending Unconventional & Alternative weddings. At Ma Chérie Bleue, we love rebels! Traditions can be lovely, but they can also squeeze people into ill-fitting boxes, and we tend towards celebrating each bride’s uniqueness! If you don’t feel like your best self in a traditional white gown, go for something unexpected! The good news is that these days, you have lots of options for edgy, unconventional wedding attire. 


Just because the brides of yore wore white, doesn’t mean you have to. We promise nobody will wonder whether you’re the bride or not no matter if you show up in a three piece suit, a black ball gown, or multi coloured cocktail dress. Experiment with color and see what makes you look and feel your best. Then go with that! 


Fortune favours the bold, so go ahead and break a few rules. It’s your wedding after all! Drop jaws with a leggy mini dress, or rock an oversized floor length organza number. If you’re feeling amazing, everyone else will too and nobody will be able to stop raving about how gorgeous your ensemble is. 

Alternatives to Gowns

We can all take a page from Katharine Hepburn’s book and agree that a pantsuit is a good look! Separates are a great alternative to traditional wedding dresses and allow some room for playfulness and layering. And while we’re on the topic, we’ve never seen a palazzo jumpsuit that didn’t take our breath away. 

Accessorizing An Unconventional Wedding Look

Once you’ve replaced the traditional wedding dress, you can go ahead and play around with accessorizing your unconventional look with unconventional accessories. Chunky modern jewelry, unusual wedding shoes, an unlikely veil pairing. Let yourself get carried away. The world is your oyster! 

Whatever you decide, Ma Chérie Bleue’s stylists are well versed in non-traditional wedding gowns and dress alternatives and will be happy to help you put your edgy, unconventional bridal look together.

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