Collection: Whimsical & Ethereal Bride

Whimsical Wedding Dresses

For the dreamy bride who loves delicate touches. Enhance the look with Veils, Belts & Garters. For a wedding taking place under a canopy of trees and a first dance lit exclusively by twinkle lights and the waning full moon, there are whimsical wedding dresses. 

Weddings are romantic and full of whimsy, no matter how they shake out, but every once in a while a bride comes along who is so ethereal, only the most ethereal whimsical fairy wedding dress will do.

Whimsical wedding dresses use soft, flowy, billowy fabrics to create soft lines and feminine silhouettes. Careful details like sequin sleeves, delicate lace, and artistic embroidery make these ethereal fairy dresses sensual and sweet. They are the meeting point of romantic and bohemian gowns. 

How to Accessorize Your Whimsical Wedding Gown?

Softer tones like cream, blush, or even light blue are often used in more ethereal wedding gown collections. You can decide to use your accessories to create accents, or you can let the dress be the accent and go with simpler accouterments. 

Because of the softer, more feminine energy of whimsical wedding dresses, we suggest looking for accessories that play in the same realm. For your head, you might look for soft veils, halos, tiaras, floral crowns, or gentle hair accessories like feathered clips. Jewelry can be simple and understated like a small gold hoop earring or a shimmery pearl necklace, or it might be far more ornate. Vintage pairs really nicely with more ethereal looks. As far as shoes are concerned, the world really is your oyster. Laid back flats can be just as whimsical as a block heels or a round toe fabric covered pump. Whatever makes you feel most like you’re floating down the aisle to your beloved. 

Ma Chérie Bleue carries a selection of whimsical ethereal fairy wedding dresses in all sizes including plus sizes. Our stylists are ready to help you put together a truly fairy-esque forest princess look for your whimsical wedding.

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