Collection: Veils, Belts & Garters

Veils, Belts & Garters: Elevate your bridal look. Ideal for the Whimsical & Ethereal Bride or Country Bride. A veil, like all bridal accessories, is optional, but it has the power to really tie your wedding look together. Ma Chérie Bleue has a huge selection and a variety of styles to choose from. Our team of stylists are here to help you put together the wedding look of your dreams, from the dress to the veil and everything in between.

What can a veil do for me?

While there’s no doubt that your wedding dress will be the biggest choice you make regarding your wedding day look, bridal accessories are key to tying it all together, and a wedding veil has the power to take your look to the next level.

In fact, as far as bridal accessories are concerned, it’s safe to say your veil will be the pièce de résistance. The perfect topper on an already perfect cake, so to speak. Paired with the right wedding jewelry, garter belt, and wedding dress belt, you can pull together an entire look that feels cohesive, evocative, and versatile. 

Wedding Veil Styles

Wedding veil styles are as varied as weddings themselves. The first major point to consider is veil length. Some brides are drawn to a long veil à la Royal Wedding and others prefer a shorter wedding veil that leans more towards vintage 1950’s. From cathedral to boho bride and everything in between, figuring out what kind of bride you are will help you and your stylist work together to find the perfect bridal accessories to match your mood board. 

Choosing the Perfect Veil 

Once you’ve been through the joyful but overwhelming process of saying yes to a dress, being faced with yet another big decision can feel daunting. Your stylist at Ma Chérie Bleue will be able to assist you in selecting some wedding veil options that pair well with your dress and other accessories.

The price range of our veils is from 175$ to 800$. Any questions ? Visit our FAQ page.