Collection: Civil Wedding / Elopement / Courthouse Bride

Civil and City Hall Wedding Dresses

Simplistic designs for intimate ceremonies. These selections are perfect for brides who appreciate the elegance of a smaller affair. Beautiful when paired with the Little White Dress collection, offering a chic and understated look for the occasion. It’s more and more common for couples to have small courthouse weddings and civil ceremonies to celebrate their union. Ma Chérie Bleue has a collection of casual wedding dresses perfect for small, no-fuss ceremonies and low-key receptions. 

Whether you’re getting hitched at city hall or planning to elope, our casual bridal attire is less formal and better suited for less traditional events. Any questions ? Visit our FAQ page.

Casual Wedding Attire Styles

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to styles for casual wedding attire. There are more whimsical styles like full-skirted midi dresses and cocktail dresses, or more timeless ones like satin or silk dresses with a sleeker silhouette. For more adventurous weddings, smaller more casual gowns can be easier to pack up for the beach or the hike to a mountain top. You can even choose to bypass the dress entirely and opt for a chic bridal jumpsuit or matching set. 

The Perks of a Casual Wedding Dress 

Going casual with your wedding dress or bridal attire gives you extra leeway to go big with your bridal accessories. A cocktail wedding dress or short wedding dress allows you to put more emphasis on your bridal shoes since they’ll be extra visible on your wedding day. Picking the perfect veil to complement your casual dress can make you a truly standout bride in a style that is still appropriate for a courthouse wedding. Sashes, jewelry, and capelets are also fun and easy ways to spruce up a more casual style. As an added bonus, more casual wedding dresses can be significantly less expensive. 

How to Choose the Right Casual Bridal Attire

Just because your wedding is small or less formal, doesn’t make the process of selecting a wedding dress any less important. Ma Chérie Bleue’s team of stylists can help you put together a wedding look that will make you feel like the bride you’ve always dreamed of being, and they are happy to do so.