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Wedding Shoes

Step into your big day with style. Perfect for the Minimalist Bride or Romantic Bride, and any kind of wedding dress. Your wedding shoes may be hidden some of the time, but the right ones can make it so that you truly are sparkling from head to toe on your wedding day. 

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Remember that with all wedding attire, it’s all about the details. Look for the little things that make the shoes as unique as you are. 

How To Choose Bridal Shoes

Depending on the location of your venue, choosing the right wedding shoe can be as much about function as it is fashion. Outdoor ceremonies, for example, don’t always lend well to a thin heel but a nice pair of comfortable wedges can be nice! 

Whether you’re looking for a timeless wedding heel to walk down the aisle in or a pair of wedding flats that will make you wanna dance the night away, Ma Chérie Bleue is Montreal’s wedding shoe destination with the best selection of bridal shoes the city has to offer. 

Wedding Shoe Styles

We often get asked whether wedding shoes have to be white. If you want to match ivory shoes with an ivory gown, that’s a beautiful and very traditional option. You can also think of your shoes as an accent piece. 

Metallic shoes pair really elegantly with a classic white bridal gown to create a really sparkly finish. If your dress is ornate, you may want to stick to something more understated and traditional like a pair of nude wedding shoes. White lace shoes are great for adding a hint of texture. Your bridal shoes need to be seasonally and location appropriate. Beach weddings are the perfect place for a pair of embellished bridal sandals, while a winter wedding calls for closed toe bridal shoes for warmth and comfort. 

Tips for buying your wedding shoes

We recommend bringing your wedding shoes to your wedding dress fitting so the tailor can alter your gown accordingly. We also suggest wearing your bridal shoes around the house a little bit so they’re slightly broken in and more comfortable on your big day. 

Finally, many brides opt to buy two pairs of wedding shoes: one for the ceremony and another for the reception. This way, you can wear your most dramatic shoe to walk down the aisle and something more dance floor friendly to the party!

Our Bella Belle shoes range from 360$ to 660$.