Our Favourite Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

Our Favourite Wedding Dress Trends for 2023

After two years of virtual collections, postponed and small-scale weddings, and a significant downswing in the wedding industry in general, the world is starting to regain a sense of normalcy, and with it, wedding dress trends for 2023 are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. 

From brands we know and love, to emerging designers making a name for themselves in the bridalwear space, bridal trends for 2023 are about embracing change and creating looks for every bride. 

Predictions indicate that 2023 is set to be one of the biggest years ever for weddings, and dress trends are showing that brides are feeling empowered to be exactly who they want to be at their weddings this year. If there’s one bridal trend we can get behind, it’s definitely this one. 

With timeless classics from brands like Astrid and Mercedes, to sleek contemporary gowns by designers like Lis Simon, Anais Anette, and Alyssa Kristin, there is truly something out there for everyone this year.  

Below, we’ve curated the top wedding dress trends for 2023 so you can get started daydreaming what kind of bride you’ll be on your big day. 

What to expect: The Top 7 Wedding Trends for 2023

  1. Traditional Ball Gowns
  2. Modern Contemporary Wedding Gowns
  3. Sexy & Dramatic
  4. Asymmetrical Necklines
  5. Mock Necklines
  6. The Little White Dress
  7. Something Blue


Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Traditional Ball Gown Rosebud by Astrid & Mercedes
Traditional ball gown Rosebud by Astrid & Mercedes

Traditional Ball Gowns

Before we dive into the many departures from tradition that are hitting the aisle in 2023, we thought we’d start with the revival of the traditional ball gown. You heard it here first, Grace Kelly is back! With full skirts and cinched waists, these timeless gowns are often paired with a simple fitted bodice, clean silks, long sleeves, and embellished with all kinds of flair from ruffles to floral overlays. We are particularly obsessed with the Fern and Rosebud gowns by Astrid and Mercedes


Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Nina by Lis Simon
Modern & contemporary gown Nina by Lis Simon

Chic Modern Contemporary Wedding Gowns

Whether you’re more drawn to more West Coast inspired sleek silhouettes, or clean lines a la NYC bride, modern contemporary bridal gowns continue to be in high demand in wedding dress trends for 2023. What we’re noticing this year, is that designers are embellishing their gowns with layers of sheer fabrics to complete the aesthetic. Nudity in bridal wear was brought into fashion a couple of years ago, and it continues to stay trendy even today. The dramatic lace on the Mattea gown by Anais Anette, the clean lines of the Sydney gown by Alyssa Kristin, and the detached bell sleeves on the Nina gown by Lis Simon are some of our favourites in this category. 

Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Lainey by Blue by Enzoani
Dramatic & Sexy wedding dress Lainey by Blue by Enzoani


We’re Bringing Sexy Back

There’s no other way to put it … sexy is back in the world of bridal wear. We already mentioned that sheer fabric and nudes are trending again for 2023. Brides with the confidence and sophistication to walk down the aisle in these gowns are sure to turn heads. Our favourite example of this is the Lainey gown by Blue by Enzoani, but take a look at all of Blue by Enzoani’s Coming Soon items and you’ll see what we mean. He does sophisticated sexy really, really well. 


Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Noelle by Lis Simon
Asymmetrical heart-shaped neckline wedding dress Noelle by Lis Simon

Asymmetrical Necklines

We always keep our eye on neckline trends from year to year. Asymmetrical necklines are coming in strong in 2023. This fresh take on the usual square, heart shaped, or halter necklines brings an element of drama and flare to otherwise more traditional gowns. Lis Simon’s Noelle gown is a prime example. 


Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Dahlia by Catherine Deane
Mock Neck Dahlia Top by Catherine Deane

Mock Necklines 

Another neckline to watch for in 2023 is the mock neck. No doubt inspired by old school royal wedding looks, this trend is even making its way into fun separates and romantic one pieces like this Dahlia Top by Catherine Deane. Mock necks are a perfect way to add a timelessness to an otherwise more modern bridal wear choice. 

  Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Calla by Jenny YooAsymmetrical neckline Little White Dress Calla by Jenny Yoo

The Little White Dress

While many of the wedding dress trends for 2023 are leaning more towards the dramatic and embellished, there are still always going to be the brides that want what we refer to as The Little White Dress. Simplicity can have its own dramatic flare when done right. An understated dress leaves a lot of room to get creative with accessories, veils, capes, and shoes. Our collection of Little White Dresses has a little something for everyone and ranges from the more bohemian romantic to something a little more sleek and modern.


Something Blue 

Blue is the new black in the wedding dress industry. Brides who prefer not to go the traditional route will be able to incorporate something blue into their wedding look quite easily with the wide selection of very soft blue dresses hitting boutique floors in 2023. The tones are gentle and flattering and offer a really beautiful alternative to more traditional white and off-white gowns. 


Which 2023 wedding dress trend speaks to you?

Whatever type of bride you decide to be on your wedding day, wedding dress trends for 2023 promise to provide a variety of options with a little something for everyone across the bridal spectrum. As always, if you’re unsure what look feels right for you, your Ma Cherie Bleue consultant will be happy to go through some options with you at your appointment. 

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