Navigating Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping in Montreal and Beyond

Navigating Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping in Montreal and Beyond

There’s no reason why wedding dress shopping should be anything but a joyful experience. And yet … There are a number of factors that can make it feel stressful and uneasy, not the least of which is non-inclusive sizing. Plus size wedding dresses come in all styles and should be made available on the rack of every boutique, but that isn’t always the case. 

We are one of the only boutiques to carry such a wide selection of plus size wedding dresses in Montreal. 

The Real Fix: What Needs to Change in the World of Plus Size Wedding Dresses

One of the things we hear most from our clients is that they feel the need to adapt the way their body looks before their wedding day. The fashion industry tends to sell us this idea that there is an ideal body shape. The wedding dress industry takes that a step further by emphasizing the importance of achieving this illusory body shape in time for your big day. The messaging can be so deeply ingrained and insidious that it’s hard to even recognize when it’s happening. We’ve had to do lots of our own unlearning at Ma Chérie Bleue and the reward of that unlearning has been a really beautiful deepening of the connection we foster with our brides. 

Every bride and every wedding is unique and with such a wide array of wedding dress styles in the world, there’s no reason you shouldn’t feel like your dress can be as unique as you are! From plus size boho dresses to short plus size dresses and plus size dresses for the beach or with long sleeves … This industry continues to lag in terms of making itself more size inclusive. Showing up to a fitting where you know nothing will fit you is a terrible feeling, and being limited to a small collection of plus size dresses is even more discouraging. 

Making Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping Better

To that end, we’ve directed our focus towards increasing our sample size range and working with brands that are committed to making ALL of our brides look and feel their most beautiful. We currently have dresses on the floor ranging from size 8-23 so that every body feels comfortable coming in to choose a dress. 

What it all boils down to, is that there is nothing about you that needs to be “fixed” for your wedding day. Your partner wants to marry you for the beautiful mind, body, and soul you already have. Shopping for a wedding dress should not leave you feeling like your body needs to adapt to fit into a dress rather than the other way around. 

We believe you should have access to a collection of plus size wedding dress samples that reflects the number of styles and choices there are in the world, including affordable plus size wedding dress options to fit every budget. 

As a bride, you deserve to feel pampered and special and genuinely joyful as you shop for your wedding dress. At Ma Chérie Bleue, we are always open to feedback, and are committed to make shopping for your wedding dress a real highlight along the way to your big day. 

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