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Ma Chérie Bleue x Never Knew I Needed

Looking for our discounted wedding dresses?

We’ve recently partnered with Never Knew I Needed in Ottawa to offer brides a selection of high-end sample designer gowns at an affordable price on consignment during their “Second Love” Event from September 2022 to March 2023. Please contact Never Knew I Needed directly to shop our selection of sample wedding gowns.

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Shopping Sale Wedding Dresses

Discover budget-friendly options for every style, from Romantic Bride to Modern & Contemporary Bride selections. If your wedding is happening, like, yesterday, Ma Chérie Bleue is here for you. We always keep a selection of ready-to-wear gowns in stock for last minute city hall ceremonies, surprise elopements, and last minute brides. While sizing may be limited to what we have available, there are lots of styles to choose from and you’ll save so much time buying the dress that you may even have some extra time to have it altered if needed. From sleek to dramatic, Ma Chérie Bleue’s off-the-rack clearance section is bound to have something for every last minute bride. 

Whether you’re a last minute bride or on a tight wedding dress budget, our sale section is the best place to find affordable wedding dresses in Montreal. It’s the pricing and convenience of a wedding dress outlet with the experience of shopping in a bridal boutique. Discount wedding dresses don’t mean sacrificing quality or style, they are just products you can buy off the rack rather than having to order them in. 

How to Shop for Clearance Wedding Dresses

Clearance sections, wedding dress sales, and off-the-rack options are a really great way to save time and money. Buying a ready-to-wear dress eliminates the 4-6 months wait times for shipping on other gowns. These discount wedding dresses are also very well suited to smaller wedding dress budgets. And while sizes are usually limited, all of the dresses can be altered to fit your needs. 

Typically, we suggest brides give a minimum of 6 months lead time for their wedding gowns, but our collection of in-stock gowns are available off the rack. For this reason, it is necessary to shop in store. To speed up the process even more, start looking for inspiration from your favourite brands, designers, and influencers. Research different styles and fabrics so that you already know what you’re looking for when you come in. 

Prices vary by style and fabric, but our off-the-rack options are clearance so the prices tend to be lower. Know that they are all final sale, so be sure to pick carefully! Bring nude or strapless undergarments with you, and a pair of shoes with a similar heel height to what you will wear on your wedding day so that you can properly envision the gown before buying it.

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